List of Brands



Casper is one of the most popular online mattress retailers out in the market. With their low price points, free shipping, and certifications, it has become an incredibly popular brand for people who do not want to spend hours searching through mattress stores for the right one. For some this may be a dream come true, but some reviews claim the mattress has a strong odor when unboxed.


Tuft & Needle

While Tuft & Needle does not boast about its green initiative, it does have a certi-pur certification for its mattress. While it may not be the greenest option out on the market, it may be worth checking it out.


My Essentia

My Essentia is one of the highest quality, green mattress currently on the market. They use all natural materials and is one of the few vegan mattresses available. While the price tag is quite high, it is a great choice for someone looking for a healthy night sleep.